RoadBotics Pricing

For Governments

50 Centerline Miles Or Less


51-200 Centerline Miles

$100/Centerline Mile

201-500 Centerline Miles

$90/Centerline Mile

501-1000 Centerline Miles

$80/Centerline Mile

What You Get

Data Collection

Comprehensive data collection of the customer’s road network by trained service professionals.

Online Map

Browser-based map with ratings and photo inventory for all roads, accessible from anywhere at anytime.

5 Level Rating of Road Conditions

A five-level rating for each section of road that can easily be aligned to existing condition rating requirements.

High Resolution Images of Roads Every 10-ft

Roadway images at approximately 10-ft (3 meters) intervals enabling instant views of the pavement condition and roadside assets.

GIS and CSV Files

A Geographic Information System (GIS) compatible shapefile of the pavement condition rating and CSV file of segment level data are optional.

Customer Support

Onboarding and training to ensure the successful collection of data, delivery, and walkthrough of customer’s assessment when ready.

RoadBotics Enterprise AI Suite is now available for firms.