Press Kit

Press Kit

Company Overview:

RoadBotics is an infrastructure technology company that uses AI to revolutionize how governments and engineering firms make data-driven pavement management decisions. Over 80 governments across the U.S. and Australia already use RoadBotics to fix the right roads at the right time while saving taxpayer dollars. Founded by Mark DeSantis, Dr. Benjamin Schmidt, and Dr. Christoph Mertz, RoadBotics spun out of Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute in 2016 and has raised $3.9M in venture capital investment. The company uses cutting-edge deep learning and a simple smartphone to disrupt the highly subjective and expensive pavement inspection process. RoadBotics is using AI to not only improve the world’s roads, but also all critical infrastructure that impacts people’s lives every day.

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Product Information:


RoadWay is a road monitoring tool for municipalities. Once we’ve signed a customer, one of our drivers is dispatched and collects video data of that area’s roads. Once the data has been collected, our AI rates the roads according to the severity of damage in 10-feet sections. The data is then visualized on an online map that’s easy to use and accessible from a web browser. Take a look at our demo!



Enterprise provides all the road monitoring tools that RoadWay offers, but with an added project management focus. Built with engineering firms in mind, Enterprise allows large firms to manage their clients’ road projects.


RoadNav (Beta)-

RoadNav is our navigation app that ensures enterprise customers that are collecting the data themselves to completely cover the entire road network. RoadNav provides turn by turn navigation, and our team of cartographers prepares routes to guarantee that all drivable roads are covered within a specified client boundary.

RoadNav can also be used to generate routes for other fleets; these could be garbage trucks, street sweepers, snow plows. The application will also allow engineers that need to inspect several assets in a day ensure that all locations are covered optimally.


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