RoadBotics Customers

  • Stacey Graf

    - by Scarlett Kim

    RoadBotics gives us a better overall road program by helping to target our efforts – we now fix the right…

  • Thomas Mollinari

    - by Tristan Coyle

    The best part is the segment and point data combination. It’s really nice to actually see the photos of the…

  • Jim Hafhill

    - by Tristan Coyle

    RoadBotics provided shelf-ready information about our roads that enable us to plan at a knee-jerking reaction rate. I’m sitting at…

  • Scott Coker

    - by Tristan Coyle

    We want to move towards a more thorough preventative maintenance program with RoadBotics. For us, an annual scan is pretty…

  • Robert Smith

    - by Tristan Coyle

    When I get a call about a road issue, I can quickly open the map, pull up an image along…

  • Ryan Fonzi

    - by Tristan Coyle

    We used RoadBotics to show the ward leaders how road conditions were not equitably good or bad across all wards.…

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