Does RoadBotics collect rideability data?

Does RoadBotics collect rideability data?
January 20, 2019 roadboticsstaging_vsles6

While collecting image and GPS data, we also record the accelerometer data. However, this data does not go into our AI algorithms for processing. Currently, we only rely on the images and rate the roads based on visible surface distresses. Our team is actively working on incorporating more data sources to allow governments to make more informed decisions on their assets, paving and maintenance.

The challenges with identifying rideability using phones are:

  • Different phones can have varying sensitivity levels.
  • Different vehicles have varying suspensions.
  • Calibrating every phone for every vehicle is inconsistent.
  • Normally people avoid driving into potholes. The rideability data would not account for potholes and major distresses that could damage the inspection vehicle.

As a result, the accelerometer data collected on smartphones can lead to poor rideability estimates.